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The Many Hats of McFinn

Being an advocate for others less fortunate than yourself can be rewarding and consuming!!

My work with brings me in contact with folks all over the world. I am thankful I can understand their needs because, I’ve been there. I reversed my ALS fifteen years ago.

Once you commit to being of service to PALS you have to understand you have entered, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year, world of need.

I needed 24 hour care when I had ALS. I needed someone more than my family to depend on for my sanity.

Now, I am that someone who calls out of the blue to see how your day is going. I am the one doing the research to help find the answer to your challenges. I am the one who can not just forget about those I have met that need support.

My challenge is keeping a balance between my home life (wife), the farm, my children, my community and my advocacy for ALS folks.

I am doing quite well balancing out this challenge. I watch what I commit to and I take naps in between.

This is the other side of McFinn

Happy Wife Happy Life !!

The Power of Hope

The Team

Your Team at EverythingALS

Early Detection of ALS Can Make a Difference

Salt Lake City conference 2019

Life as an advocate for ALS .

What to Make of My Reversal

McFinn Lovere

Both arms and both legs paralyzed. 2 fingers left to control the wheelchair. Dr Bedlacks 42nd ALS reversal at Duke University ALS Clinic.

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