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10 Minutes a Week to Help with Early Diagnosis of ALS!

The Everything ALS speech study is a Voice Project that will help us discover digital biomarkers using Artificial Intelligence to collect voice and facial metrics/data.
Biomarkers are characteristics of the body that can be measured (blood pressure, imaging, x-ray etc) and used to identify the progress of a disease. There is a need for a biomarker that can help diagnose ALS early on and help with understanding the course of this disease.
Our study will help change the way clinical trials are conducted in ALS. By discovering biomarkers for…

The Many Hats of McFinn

Being an advocate for others less fortunate than yourself can be rewarding and consuming!!

My work with brings me in contact with folks all over the world. I am thankful I can understand their needs because, I’ve been there. I reversed my ALS fifteen years ago.

Once you commit to being of service to PALS you have to understand you have entered, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year, world of need.

I needed 24 hour care when I had ALS. I needed someone more than my family to depend on for my sanity.

Now, I am that someone who calls out of the blue to see how your day is going. I am the one doing the research to help find the answer to your challenges. I am the one who can not just forget about those I have met that need support.

My challenge is keeping a balance between my home life (wife), the farm, my children, my community and my advocacy for ALS folks.

I am doing quite well balancing out this challenge. I watch what I commit to and I take naps in between.

This is the other side of McFinn

Happy Wife Happy Life !!

The Power of Hope

When the doctor says there is no hope, he or she means, they have no hope.

I did not follow their lead.

Hope is fuel for the body. Hope is not stagnant, it is an active participation in solving a personal challenge.

Hope is medicine to the body and mind. There is a vibration to the feeling of hope that gives your body a calming effect.

Hope means that you’re a willing participant in investigating every avenue possible to achieve your healing. I will never up is a powerful statement to your mind that you are open to all possibilities…

The Team

I have been asking you to contact for support and information. I would like to share a photo of our team so you can see who is on Your Team!!

Your Team at EverythingALS

L to R Murgesh, Aria, Sarah, Deb, Indu, Lisa, Richard, Neil, Sylvia, McFinn.

These are the folks who want to help in any way possible with your journey with ALS.

We could use your help too. We have a Speech Study underway that will be used to detect ALS early.

We need folks with ALS and an equal number of folks without ALS as controls. The Speech Study takes…

Early Detection of ALS Can Make a Difference

My hand was weak. That was the only sign of anything wrong, until we went to Mexico on vacation.

While I was walking with Mona, I fell onto the sidewalk. Then, after the fall, I had to crawl in order to climb up stairs.

Whatever was wrong, it was suddenly getting scary!

I went to my local M.D., a knowledgeable physician, but he didn’t know what was happening to me.

My case demonstrates how ALS can creep up slowly before you — and your doctor — have any idea that you have it.

On average, it takes up to 18…

Joining the World of Research

The 2019 Healing ALS Conference brought me into contact with Patricia Tamowski and Scott Douglas, the team that master minded the event. Patricia and Scott run, an organization that promotes reversing ALS.

Salt Lake City conference 2019

Patricia and Scott collaborate with Dr. Richard Bedlack, who oversees the ALS Clinic at Duke University’s Neurological Disorders Clinic.

DR. Bedlack has confirmed 41 ALS reversals from the records presented to him.

Patricia from Healing ALS asked me to send my medical records to Dr. Bedlack. After reviewing my records, Dr. Bedlack confirmed that I was his number 42 ALS reversal.


Life as an advocate for ALS .

My goal in life completely changed. I wanted to understand the energy that had healed me. I did a lot of reading about spontaneous healing in an attempt to figure out how my nerves had returned to life.

I finally gave up trying to understand it. I live by remembering what happened, and what happened was, a miracle!

For a while I tried to talk to others about that miracle, but then I stopped. It was difficult for people to believe in my account.
So I pretty much kept it to myself for15 years.

Until one day, my daughter Ivy…

What to Make of My Reversal

After 25 months of uncertainty, I was feeling confident my life was not over. My arms, legs, and fingers felt brand NEW. I was so grateful for every movement my body made.

I was reborn at 57.
Many of my past interests faded away. The Spiritual side of my Life took center stage. I almost passed over, to where??? So many questions and so few answers.

My answer: Be Here Now. My life is turning from, being taken care of,to being the one who cares for others.

I had been a Brother in The Holy Order of MANS for three…

McFinn’s Tips and Answered Questions

1. Try to find little ways to thank your caregivers. examples: positive attitude, smiles, yummy treats, showing concern about the needs they have in life.

2. Be aware of the trauma ALS is having on you and your family, you are all in this one together. Keep alert, you may be the one to offer them support.

3. It may be easier to stay home, but take every opportunity offered to you to leave your four walls so you can experience your connection to nature and other people.

4. Read your medical records, see what…

Placebo or God ?

My vision of wholeness was inside. I knew there were two of me and my dependence on my inner self is what kept me sane during this unbelievable journey.

The day my daughter and I left the neurologist office, remember, I told her he was a liar, well, he wasn’t a liar, but I still wasn’t going to believe him. Then I started to believe that I had ALS, a physical disease that he knew well, but he didn’t know me well, we just met.

Everyone is a survivor in this world, it’s the only way…

McFinn Lovere

Both arms and both legs paralyzed. 2 fingers left to control the wheelchair. Dr Bedlacks 42nd ALS reversal at Duke University ALS Clinic.

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