What to Make of My Reversal

After 25 months of uncertainty, I was feeling confident my life was not over. My arms, legs, and fingers felt brand NEW. I was so grateful for every movement my body made.

I was reborn at 57.
Many of my past interests faded away. The Spiritual side of my Life took center stage. I almost passed over, to where??? So many questions and so few answers.

My answer: Be Here Now. My life is turning from, being taken care of,to being the one who cares for others.

I had been a Brother in The Holy Order of MANS for three…

McFinn’s Tips and Answered Questions

1. Try to find little ways to thank your caregivers. examples: positive attitude, smiles, yummy treats, showing concern about the needs they have in life.

2. Be aware of the trauma ALS is having on you and your family, you are all in this one together. Keep alert, you may be the one to offer them support.

3. It may be easier to stay home, but take every opportunity offered to you to leave your four walls so you can experience your connection to nature and other people.

4. Read your medical records, see what…

Placebo or God ?

My vision of wholeness was inside. I knew there were two of me and my dependence on my inner self is what kept me sane during this unbelievable journey.

The day my daughter and I left the neurologist office, remember, I told her he was a liar, well, he wasn’t a liar, but I still wasn’t going to believe him. Then I started to believe that I had ALS, a physical disease that he knew well, but he didn’t know me well, we just met.

Everyone is a survivor in this world, it’s the only way…

The road to recovery is not straight!

Only a few months earlier, after months of not being able to move
anything except two fingers on my right hand and my head, it seemed as if I had been inching closer to the Doorway to God.

I had come so close to ending my life because I had been afraid
of what my family and what I would have to face as my physical
condition deteriorated.I was afraid of taking my own life, but it did give me a sense of power over this disease.I felt every minute I was alive may be the minute I will feel a change…

I Want My Life Back

I felt like I was coming out of the desert, my life had pretty much dried up. I thought.

That’s the tough part, we have to live with our thoughts. I have them so easily, I don’t even know where they come from. Some are positive and some are negative. I had a trick to deal with the negative ones.

My little trick was to say, Peace on Earth, that gave me a few seconds to break my train of thought and give me a chance to realize, I didn’t need to go there. I was only hurting myself with…

Realizing that we will not always be in control gave me the space to mentally deal with this ALS mystery story.

After nine months from the diagnosis and almost complete dependence on others for survival, I felt I was getting better.

What did I find out about myself during this challenge?

I melt when the flame gets too hot.
My mind was my enemy, because it became the door to the next room. There always seems to be a next room. That idea is always in the back of my mind.

What’s Next.
This life had so many twists and…

I Can Feel the Light at the End of the Tunnel!!

Hope came springing back into my days. I say “spring” because
this happened unbelievably fast. I thought I had nine more months of life… at best. Do you see how that doctor’s life expectancy prediction of 18 months affected me?

It was a burden, the sharp tip of a needle, always poking
my mind.

My doctors were working with all the information they’d gathered
in medical school, and I appreciated most of their help.

I know I am a very unusual case. Maybe to some folks, a given
date with death might seem helpful, so they can get their affairs in order.

I kept returning to the question: How can this be? I
believe I am recovering, so how could this death sentence be true?

I have never known a human who says he or she is in contact
with Angels…

My World will Never be the Same

5 / 29/ 06

Ten days after the doctors home visit, his report stated, I had not made any improvement in my arms and leg muscles.

Then I felt the muscle jump in my arm.

Hello,” I said to my muscle, “what are you telling me, I’ve been here before”.

I had two jump starts that where very short lived. Bret was more wait and see, but I was sticking my neck out with, HOPE.

It was 29 days after Romy, St. Raphael, whose name derives from a Hebrew root meaning “to heal”and St. …

For the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory are Yours forever

I never thought I would be repeating these words after a Filipino spiritual healer


I have had many adventures in my life, but none, as consuming as ALS. This disease took everything from me except for the Loving care of my family and friends.

I used to like to figure out problems, ask friends for help, or click on YouTube for answers.

Not this time.

No one had come close to giving me back my Life. I went to UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco, where they offered to send me for a feeding tube consultation. …

“I had 2 fingers” she said we were not creative enough.

9 months in after my diagnosis of terminal ALS, I began to feel I was at the Tip of the Spear, I need to be the ONE to sharpen my wits so I can pierce this veil of doubt and sadness hanging over me.

I still was not ready to die.

But I am ready to sell my pool table. I always wanted a pool table, big full-size professional, finally I had it. We had a lot of great times around that table with neighbors stopping in to play.

It really wasn’t a hard choice.
The pool table took up the…

McFinn Lovere

Both arms and both legs paralyzed. 2 fingers left to control the wheelchair. Dr Bedlacks 42nd ALS reversal at Duke University ALS Clinic.

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