Life of an ALS Advocate

The Power of Hope

McFinn Lovere
2 min readJul 19, 2021

When the doctor says there is no hope, he or she means, they have no hope.

I did not follow their lead.

Hope is fuel for the body. Hope is not stagnant, it is an active participation in solving a personal challenge.

Hope is medicine to the body and mind. There is a vibration to the feeling of hope that gives your body a calming effect.

Hope means that you’re a willing participant in investigating every avenue possible to achieve your healing. I will never up is a powerful statement to your mind that you are open to all possibilities.

We live in our minds as much or more than our physical world when we have ALS. My body was still, but my thoughts where bubbling up constantly.

It was easy to give into negative thought patterns. Thats when I came up with my mantra: Peace on Earth, I would say that when negative thoughts came into my mind. It gave me a break to see if I wanted to continue that line of thinking. I use this mantra a lot.

I gave myself hope through my scientific and spiritual faith in a higher power, I believe is, inside me.

I am telling you this because it is so easy to slip into: poor me and not notice how that drains your energy.

I became an advocate for people with ALS by joining EverythingALS. I was given the gift of a longer, healthy life for a purpose. I chose a life of service to others at the age of twenty. Now I am seventy and have a lot of experience caring for the mental, physical and spiritual needs of others. Do you?

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McFinn Lovere

Both arms and both legs paralyzed. 2 fingers left to control the wheelchair. Dr Bedlacks 42nd ALS reversal at Duke University ALS Clinic.