The Tale of an ALS Survivor # 23

Life as an advocate for ALS .

McFinn Lovere
3 min readJun 21, 2021

My goal in life completely changed. I wanted to understand the energy that had healed me. I did a lot of reading about spontaneous healing in an attempt to figure out how my nerves had returned to life.

I finally gave up trying to understand it. I live by remembering what happened, and what happened was, a miracle!

For a while I tried to talk to others about that miracle, but then I stopped. It was difficult for people to believe in my account.
So I pretty much kept it to myself for15 years.

Until one day, my daughter Ivy, who is a yoga teacher, mentioned to her student,Julia that I had reversed ALS. Julia had a friend Indu Navar whose husband, Peter Cohen, had ALS.

One day, my telephone rang.It was Indu.

That was the day I started to come out of isolation with my story.

Since I really didn’t know the person on the other end of the line. I had to ask some questions.

“How bad is your ALS?”
“How deep is your spiritual faith”

Peters ALS was so severe that hope was fading fast.

Peter was very open to his Spiritual journey.

We were able to speak for a few weeks about his Hopes and Fears. Then my friend Peter passed into his New Life.

Thank you, Peter. If you would not have reached out for support, I might have never had the opportunity to serve others with ALS.

Indu then asked me to be speak at the 2019 Healing ALS Conference in Salt Lake City focused on ALS reversals through holistic approaches. This was the first time I shared my story with a large audience. On Saturday I gave a talk about my ALS experience. On Sunday I spoke about cannabis and how it can be beneficial to ALS.

I saw over 250 people at the seminar whose lives where consumed by ALS. I had been in their position, and I was one of the very few who had reversed the disease.

My pALS from Nigeria

On January10 2020 a new organization called EverythingALS was born. Each member had a personal connection. One of their loved ones passed away from ALS. I finally found the support I needed to become an advocate for others with this devastating disease.

Please contact us at for support and the latest research and news about ALS.

This journey keeps expanding because we will not stop until we understand the Causes and the Cure for ALS.



McFinn Lovere

Both arms and both legs paralyzed. 2 fingers left to control the wheelchair. Dr Bedlacks 42nd ALS reversal at Duke University ALS Clinic.