The Tale of an ALS Survivor #22

What to Make of My Reversal

McFinn Lovere
3 min readJun 14, 2021

After 25 months of uncertainty, I was feeling confident my life was not over. My arms, legs, and fingers felt brand NEW. I was so grateful for every movement my body made.

I was reborn at 57.
Many of my past interests faded away. The Spiritual side of my Life took center stage. I almost passed over, to where??? So many questions and so few answers.

My answer: Be Here Now. My life is turning from, being taken care of,to being the one who cares for others.

I had been a Brother in The Holy Order of MANS for three years. I worked with hospice care for eighteen years. I think I would have made a good Minister.

What Changed
Over the years since my recovery, Life has become Sacred, and I realized each of us is sacred. Everywhere I turn, I see God’s creation. Every day my life is extended, I see new opportunities to be of service to others. I had so many kind people take care of me, now it’s my turn to be one of those Kind people.

I feel a deep connection with folks who are wheelchair bound. My mind was not bound by that chair, but it sure was influenced by it.

Depression tried to get the best of me, and it succeeded quite a few times. I needed someone to whom I could vent my frustrations. Thank you, Mona.

I’ve become a listener now. I needed folks to talk to because when I spoke my thoughts I got a clearer sense if they where true or not. Once you speak it, you have a chance to think, “Do I really believe it?” I belong to an organization called Everything ALS. If you need a place to share your story or you need support, contact

Lessons from ALS
I learned patience. Bret and Mona would put up with my negativity long enough for me to see it myself. Now I understand the gift of letting someone show their anger.

Compassion from my caretakers was priceless. I was not always the easiest person to be around. Now I understand how compassion can be medicine to those in distress.

Companionship was a simple gift I treasured. Now I know how valuable a visit can be for someone home bound.

I was afraid of what was coming to get me. I know what fear can bring to pALS (people with ALS). Share your fears with me. I’ve been there!!

I alone had the final option to end my suffering. Mona agreed. I’m grateful I did not take that option, but I had it. That was important to me. I still shed a tear just thinking I had this journey.

Two months after my last ALS doctor appointment, two wonderful Souls were married by me.

Minister McFinn

I know nothing!! But I Believe Deeply in what I Believe.



McFinn Lovere

Both arms and both legs paralyzed. 2 fingers left to control the wheelchair. Dr Bedlacks 42nd ALS reversal at Duke University ALS Clinic.