The Tale of an ALS Survivor #6

Patient progress notes from Dr. Van Houten
Extremely pleasant, talkative, thin male, now in a wheelchair, allowing his legs to move and push him along, which he is still able to do. He is still unable to lift his arms: making a fist with his hands is also quite difficult. Progressive, perennial weakness, worsening. He has a wonderful supportive group of friends and family.

Second opinion, UCSF Medical Center. Dr. R. Layzer

Patient has rather rapidly progressive lower neuron disease affecting all four extremities, the neck and probably the respiratory muscles. The most likely diagnosis is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Unfortunately the patient lacks medical insurance.

Okay. My options are to believe this is true, or, what the hell am I going to do? I’ve been faced with a lot of challenges in my life and I figured a way to get through each one of them. Whenever my wife would lose something, I would always brag and say, “I’ll bring it to you in a minute.” I was told that I have 18 months to figure out this puzzle. Winner takes all!!

In 1971, I realized that there was more to life than I had been led to believe. I grew up in a religion where you had three possibilities to pay for your sins: Heaven, Purgatory or Hell. That was scary, so I never paid attention and got away as soon as I was 18.

Joining The Holy Order of MANS exposed me to possibilities beyond my every day understanding of life. We are more than we seem. I have heard stories of spontaneous healings and similar, unexplainable events taking place, but have never witnessed any. Later, when I became part of the EverythingALS team, I was able to understand more about what might have happened to me, but now, I would like to expose you to the story I rarely tell. I do not repeat this story unless it is useful. Now is one of those times.

The Miracle
2/06/06: My wonderful wife, Mona, has a prayer group that has met every February, May, and October for the past 22 years. It was February 2006, and 18 of Mona’s dear friends filled our living room. Everyone had been notified about my condition and had come with the intention of sharing their blessings with me.

I sat in my wheelchair in the middle of their circle for quite some time. During that time, I knew not to resist these people’s intentions with my feelings of hopelessness. So I stayed as quiet as possible. As their prayers were quieting down, these words came out of my mouth.

“Please, everyone, thank you, please step back.”

As I was listening to these words come out of my mouth, my body started to follow them. My arms, which were lying in my lap, raised up into the air, and my hands opened up and grabbed the arms of the wheelchair. With strength that I had no idea was there, I stood up and out of my wheelchair. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but it was happening and I went with it.

I held onto the wheelchair and walked in a circle, and then sat back down in my wheelchair by myself. Everyone in that room started talking at same time with amazement. Then we took this picture. My hands have a firm grip and are holding my arms up when a moment before I could not move them.

“Wow, Wow, Wow.” I didn’t know what to say or do except to smile and say “Wow.” It was really hard to contain my excitement about the healing I had just experienced.

Tell me if you can. How can that Happen ?

You can see on my face I am still in amazement. I really didn’t know what just happened, but I was basking in it.

A short time after the ceremony, approximately 5 minutes, I had completely lost all the amazing motion I had just experienced. This was crazy. To this day, this was one of two strangest experiences in my life. If any of you reading this blog ever had this type of experience or know someone who has, please have them contact McFinn . Thank you.

Witness Reports
It’s been15 years since that ceremony took place. It’s still hard to believe, I know. I recently contacted three of the ladies in the prayer circle and asked them if they remembered what had happened. I asked them to write down what they witnessed that day to validate what I described above.

Here’s what they said they experienced:

Dear McFinn,

Yes, I’m very clearly remember the day you rose from the wheelchair and perform the amazing feat:
walking when you had been unable to do that for quite some time. The love, encouragement and desire of your friends and family for you to be up bright and vertical again happened-just for short spectacular moment in time.
Perhaps that was the moment your brain and deep self knew, ‘YES! I can do this. I can hold myself up again!’
To the power of the love of your community and the tenacity of the human spirit we give thanks!

So happy for you and all of us that we had this incredible opportunity to see healing and action.

Best blessings.

Hello there my Dear Friend,

Yes, I recall that gathering. I will speak only to my part and how the whole affected the work.

As a certified Alchemical energy practitioner, I utilized all the skills that I have been trained in for over 30 years. I open my energy levels to include those coming from the earth and heavens, through my body and chakra system, to align me with the energy of the universal life force. I also asked for my own and your unseen allies as well as higher guidance to direct me in my work.

In this zone of higher energy, I began to transmute and send healing energy into your body. I directed it to the areas that needed healing. I saw the energy as a form of light, which moved the blocked or unhealthy energies from the body and returned them to the earth. This allowed for a flow of oxygen and healthy cells to move into these areas and begin to repair. I continued to witness this healing as I visualized you happy and dancing, ecstatic in a healed body.

All of the other healers in the room added their own form of healing to energize all that was taking place. My efforts were at least five times stronger than they would have been with just myself offering healing work.

I don’t tend to make any claims to the work I offer, and I am extremely gratified to witness the healing of yourself and others through these alternative healing practices.

All my best to you,

The Night McFinn Rose from His Wheelchair.

Over several months, I had heard from my friend, Mona, that her husband, McFinn, was losing his motor functions, and after consulting with many doctors still had no solid diagnosis.

While she watched with rising despair, he became confined to bed and was gradually unable to take care of his needs.

I didn’t hear how things were progressing for a while until I received an invitation to attend the healing circle for McFinn, at their home.

It was a large circle, 18 to 20 people, all of whom have worked together in various spiritual contexts.

Since he was sitting up in a wheelchair, I was impressed and allowed myself to have hope for any amount of recovery it might offer.

This circle began with a long healing prayer and energetic working. I remember being in the disassociated state that I entered when I do the healing prayers. I can’t say how long we worked, but I remember, as the circle was coming to a close, McFinn, who had been in the middle, of the circle, said that he wanted to walk, which I thought, as did others, meant that was his wish, in the general sense.

But he asked us to clear the middle of the floor and slowly rose from his chair and walked a few steps. There was general amazement… the picture was taken after and I see, again, my friend’s faces beaming with happiness.

I am 73 years old and have been taking part in spiritual working for over 40 years. I still have doubts and questions, but this I have seen, and have been grateful for having seen, every time I see McFinn.

Tynowyn French

This event changed my Reality. Words can not express what happened. I have only told this story when needed. It was a Sacred moment in my life. Again, if anyone has had this kind of experience, please contact me at This was not my only meeting with the unknown.It only gets more incredible. keep reading my next posts.

We are More Than We Seem

Both arms and both legs paralyzed. 2 fingers left to control the wheelchair. Dr Bedlacks 42nd ALS reversal at Duke University ALS Clinic.